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Dr. Keri L. Ross
Licensed Psychologist, Psy 17660

28494 Westinghouse Pl, Valencia, CA 91355

Phone: (661) 313-6224 | Fax: (661) 263-7470

Are you Feeling Stressed, Depressed or Anxious?

Anxiety Disorder Menopause Woman, Stressful Depressed Emotional
  • Are you tired of holding up the world by yourself?
  • Are you waking up in the middle of the night?
  • worrying about too many demands in your life?
  • Are you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed?
  • Or maybe you just feel like there is too little time, so much to do, and there is nothing left for yourself in the end?

Sometimes we feel stuck. Life begins to feel exhausting. We are fatigued, anxious, empty and depressed. Wearing so many hats such as wife/husband, mother/father, daughter/son, career woman/man, family organizer, chauffer, cook, family financial manager, maid and superwoman/man! These titles can begin to feel very overwhelming!

Perhaps you feel like you are stretched so thin that nothing is being done very well, and all the hats we are spinning are beginning to fall all at one time. And what\’s worse it may seem like there is no time left for yourself.

What I know is that all people have some type of stress in their life. What I also know is that it can be managed effectively.

These days we have been taught that they must do it all, have it all together and all at the same time. They may feel overwhelmed and discouraged because there is no such thing as a Super-Person.

Are you ready to turn in your super-suit in exchange for a happier, more fulfilled life?

If this is your story…I want to help. Many people find that it helps to have an unbiased outsider, someone who has no other agenda for them other than your happiness to help sort it all out.

What I do is work with women who think they have to do it and do it perfectly in order to make everyone happy and find themselves depleted and miserable.

I teach specific strategies for regaining a sense of control so that something is left for you at the end of the day.

If you could use some support, please know that you do not have to go through this alone. I would like to help. Don\’t suffer one more day! Don\’t stay up one more night worrying!

I look forward to speaking with you and beginning your journey.

If you could use some support call me, please know that you do not have to go through this alone I would like to help, do not suffer one more day, do not stay up one more night worrying I can help